Snack Basket
110px-LuigiSnackBasket ML3
User(s) Mario
Points 14
Element Special Attack
Game(s) Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009)

Snack Basket is a Special Attack used in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. When using this attack, Luigi will eat falling cookies and other sweets while the player controls him with the DS Pad.svg. As a result of his snacking, Luigi gets very bloated; Mario then grabs him and begins to try to toss him into the air. The player must rapidly mash DS A here to aid Mario. After that, Luigi will initiate a Ground Pound-esque attack by pushing the DS B button at the correct time. When Luigi lands, a big shockwave will hit all of the enemies on solid ground. Levitating or flying enemies can dodge this move. In order to get an "Excellent", the player must: 1) miss no more than 2 pieces of food while controlling Luigi with the DS Pad.svg 2) raise Luigi fully while mashing DS A 3) press DS B at exactly the right time (namely, right after Luigi has attained his full height after being thrown). This attack costs 14 SP. It is also required to knock Chakron out of his "1000 year pose" and get the final Star Cure. To use it, all Dimble Wood Attack Pieces must be collected. This, Green Shell, Mighty Meteor and Yoo Who Cannon are the only required Attack Pieces in this game. After Luigi has finished the attack, he will shrink down to his normal size.

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