MP7 Slot-O-Whirl!
Wario has to match all of the key pictures
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Slot-O-Whirl! is a Mario Party 7 Single-Player Bowser Mini-game.


Players must match all of the key pictures to win. The game begins at the left side. All the player has to do in this game is to press the A button to stop the wheel. If the wheel stops on the key, it's good. Then, the player moves on to the next one and he/she will press the same button again. If the slot stops on Bowser, the player has to keep going until they get the key picture. Get all 3 key pictures within the 30-second time limit and a real key appears when the Mini-game Referee says "Finish!" and the player wins. If he/she don't, then their coins or stars will be stolen by Bowser.


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