Sidestepper MB
A Sidestepper from Mario Bros.
First Game Mario Bros.
Leader Clawgrip
Subspecies Clawdaddy
Huckit Crab

Sidesteppers are types of red crabs found in places such as the beach. Its boss is probably Clawgrip. They are obstacles in the Mario Kart series.


Mario Bros.

Sidesteppers are the second enemies to appear in the whole series with Phase 4. Flip the Sidesteppers twice to defeat them.

Mario Kart series

The little pests reside on beach courses (Cheep Cheep Beach, Shy Guy Beach, etc.) and move back and forth. They'll also snap at you, so it's not a bad idea to shoot them with a Green Shell (waste of a weapon, though. Use that on another racer, and knock them into one). You may also find them in 2-D, as an opposed to 3-D, and you'll always find them in possession of a vendetta against you. On Cheep Cheep Beach, the crabs will crawl into the water.

Super Mario Advance

The game contains a new version of Mario Bros. entitled Mario Bros. Classic, but Sidestepper has also been added to the main Super Mario Bros. 2 game. When approaching Clawgrip, a short cutscene shows he is a Sidestepper, transformed into Clawgrip by one of Wart's magic bubbles.


  • It ia possibly a symbol of the zodiac sign, Cancer.