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Not to be confused with Tox Boxes which are enemies from Super Mario 64.
Shy Guy's Toy Box
PM Shy Guy's Toy Box
Mario and Watt in Shy Guy's Toy Box.
Located Mushroom Kingdom
Inhabitants Shy Guys
First game Paper Mario (2000)

Shy Guy's Toy Box is the main location for chapter 4 in Paper Mario.


This area is the base and the home of the Shy Guys who are all together known as the Shy Guy Army. It is also where the Shy Guys guard the fifth Star Spirit, Muskular in a treasure chest. This area is found in a house in Toad Town. Watt is found in this area and also lives in this area. This place is also an actual toy box, shrinking people who enter this area. General Guy can be found as the boss here and Big Lantern Ghost and Anti Guy are the mini-bosses here.





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