Shuffleboard Showdown
MPDS Shuffleboard Showdown
Shuffleboard Showdown's gameplay.
Appearance(s) Mario Party DS (2007)
Type 1 vs. 3 mini-game
Time 30 seconds
Music Another Crazy Match

Shuffleboard Showdown is a 1 vs. 3 mini-game appearing in Mario Party DS.


In this mini-game, one of the four players must throw chips at the other three players. and try to knock them off the board. However, the three players can counter the chips by simply jumping over them. If one of the players get knocked off the screen, they are no longer a part of the mini-game. If the single player manages to knock all three players off the screen within a certain amount of time, he/she wins. If all three are not knocked over within a limited time, the three players win. When the single player uses a chip, it gets replaced after a turn.



  • DS Stylus- Throw chips.


  • DS Pad - Move
  • DS A - Jump with the A button.