Shrewd Possessor
Shrewd Possessor
Shrewd Possessor as seen in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
First Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Gender Male
Homeland Evershade Valley
Location Secret Mine
Species Ghost
Alternative Form(s) Icy Monster
Attacks Charge

The Shrewd Possessor is the fourth boss of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is first seen in the Secret Mines, trying to kill a small, purple, furry creature. Later, it takes control of the frozen ground and turns into an icy monster to battle Luigi.


Shrewd Possessor is a tall, white, four-horned ghost with a Dark Moon shard where its heart should be.


Shrewd Possessor turns into a giant, monstrous, icy face on the ground. It creates a giant hole that drags in

The Shrewd Possessor's Icy Monster form.

Luigi as well as a sled equipped with bombs. Luigi must ride the sled down the hole and fire bombs at the ice sheets protecting the Possessor's face. After all the ice is gone, the Possessor with charge Luigi with its mouth open. If Luigi fires a bomb into the monster's mouth, the face will explode and the Possessor will be knocked out. It will charge Luigi several times using portals, but will then hit a wall and let Luigi catch it. The face will then reform. Luigi must repeat the process twice to win, each phase earning the face another ice sheet to protect itself. The player must use caution, for if the sled overheats, it's an automatic Game Over for Luigi. The sled takes a while to overheat so you can take the time to remove the icy sheets.

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