Shoot's sprite from Wario Land 3.
First Game Wario Land 3 (2000)
Appearances Wario Land 3
Gender Male
Homeland Music Box World
Location Music Box World
Species Rabbit
Family Dunk
Alternative Form(s) Soccer Ball
Attacks Turning Wario into a soccer ball.

Shoot is the fourth boss found in Wario Land 3 in the world A Town in Chaos. He appears to be a purple soccer playing rabbit. He uses a tortoise as his goalkeeper and an audience watching as well. Wario must attack Shoot by turning him into a soccer ball and kicking him into the goal the tortoise is blocking. Shoot also does the same thing and Wario must quickly do it before he does. Wario must kick Shoot three times into the goal to defeat him.


  • Shoot is possibly related to Dunk as they are both sport playing rabbits, except for the fact that Dunk is blue and is a basketball player.