Not to be confused with Big Shiny Hammer.

Shiny Hammer
A Shiny Hammer sticker.
First Game Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Effects Strikes enemies for high damage.

The Shiny Hammer is a Battle Sticker featured in Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It is the fourth strongest regular Hammer sticker that can be used. Shiny Hammers are pretty rare early in the game but become common once Mario gets to World 4.


Shiny Hammer stickers are similar to Hammer stickers except they have a silver background. It has a two - star attack power. They do fairly strong damage to low altitude or ground enemies, and only take up one regular Sticker in the Sticker Album. Shiny Hammer stickers can be sold for 5 coins, and purchased for 10.

Sticking Points

A stronger Hammer attack. It will build power as you hold your windup, but don't overdo it or the head will pop off!

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