Shiny Goomba
A Shiny Goomba.
Appearances Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Located Snow Rise
Ice Flow
Subspecies Goomba
Attacks Headbonk
Defeated by Any Stickers.

Shiny Goombas are enemies that appear in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Shiny Goombas look exactly like regular Goombas except they're shiny in color.


In battle, Shiny Goombas act like regular Goombas except they are a little stronger. They are also commonly fought in groups espically with five of them. They are only found in certain levels of World 4 and are commonly found near Snow Spikes on top of their snowballs that are being hurled at Mario. They are also found near Shiny Koopas. Shiny Goombas also tend to drop Shiny-related stickers when defeated.

Battle Statistics

Shiny Goomba's Stats
Max HP 7
Attack 4
Defense 1
  •  Headbonk

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