Seabelle as seen in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Gender Female
Homeland Dream World
Kindred Seadric
Race Seadring

Seabelle is a character that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.


Seabelle is a pink Seadring with a flower on her head, and long eyelashes.


Seabelle tends to have a stuck-up personality. She wants others to say she is beautiful or she won't give them what they want.


Seabelle is first seen in a room of Dreamy Driftwood Shore. Seabelle wants Mario and Dreamy Luigi to think she is beautiful which they relunctly agree to. However, she notices Prince Dreambert and askes him to say she is beautiful. Dreambert does so loudly and Seabelle agrees to hand over her Dream Egg.

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