120px-Scuttle bug figure
A Scuttlebug figure
First Game Super Mario 64 (1996)
Appearances Mario Party DS
Super Mario 64
New Super Mario Bros.
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Super Mario Mash-Up Pack
Located Crazy Crosshairs
Rustle Burrow
Tree Branch Trail
Leader Tarantox
Big Scuttlebug
Subspecies Brown, gray, blue and purple Scuttlebugs
Defeated by Jumping on

Scuttlebugs are spider-like enemies that appear in the Mario series.


Scuttlebugs are mainly yellow, black, and red in color. They are about twice the size of Mario. They are also known for their suction cup feet which they use to walk over surfaces.


Mario Party DS

Scuttlebugs appear only in Crazy Crosshairs.

New Super Mario Bros.

Scuttlebugs appear on levels of World 8 in this game. They constantly appear from the sky with webs in hopes to drop on Mario. They can easily be defeated with Fire Mario or Shell Mario. Though, it is recommended just to run past them since more and more keep coming down.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Scuttlebugs make their first (and only) appearance in this Paper Mario game. Scuttlebugs only appear on the levels Rustle Burrow and Tree Branch Trail. In this game, Scuttlebugs have an HP of eleven, an attack of four, and a defense of zero. They attack by jumping into Mario and shoot web shots at him (similar to Piders).

Rustle Burrow

In this level, the Scuttlebugs kidnap Kersti and the Wiggler Segment after Mario takes a nasty fall losing his Hammer and all of his Stickers. There is also very small Scuttlebugs which Mario can take down easily and a giant Scuttlebug which Mario must fight. 

Tree Branch Trail

Scuttlebugs play a much smaller role in this level rather than the last. Scuttlebugs are seen in the beginning of the level wanting to strike at Mario. There is also a point where Mario comes to a giant web on the floor with blocks just north of it. If Mario hits the blocks, Scuttlebugs will appear preparing to fight him.


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