Screen Clean
Screen Clean - Mario Party Advance
Screen Clean's effects from Mario Party Advance.
Game Mario Party Advance
Description "Get your GBA screen sparkling clean! Use often for best results."
Control(s) "A button (Spray water and clean up the screen)"
Obtained Bowser

Screen Clean is a type of unlockable Gaddget invented by Professor E. Gadd which appears in Mario Party Advance.


This item allows the player to clean his/her Game Boy Advance screen (in the game). The screen shown in this Gaddget references the Game Boy Advance start-up screen, but only saying "Game Boy" with the lack of the word "Advance".

First, once A is pressed, water is sprayed all across the screen. Then, a window wiper comes in and wipes off the water, cleaning up the screen. Nothing else can be done after this.

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