Sand Spiral Galaxy
Sand Spiral Galaxy
Sand Spiral Galaxy
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Area Comet Observatory
Number of Stars 1
Missions Choosing a Favorite Snack
Enemies Boos

The Sand Spiral Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.


Choosing a Favorite Snack

Mario must choose between the Bee Mushroom and Boo Mushroom to complete the first area. Then he uses a Rainbow Star to run to the Power Star.

He can either start the level by choosing the Bee Mushroom, but he can be forced to switch to the Boo Mushroom, or he can complete the entire first part of the level by only using the Boo form. It is right that he will be chased down by the Boos, but he will "hide" from the Magikoopa, while it will fire on him if he is in the Bee form, which can conduct him to death.

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