Rock Mario
Mario pierre
Artwork of Rock Mario from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Item required Rock Mushroom
User(s) Mario
Other forms Rock Luigi
Powers and Abilities Rock transformation
Great speed
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Latest appearance Super Mario Galaxy 2

Rock Mario is one of Mario's transformations in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This transformation turns Mario into a round rock, that will roll until he hits an enemy or an object/obstacle. It is one of the newest power-ups in the Mario series.

Powers and Abilities

Rock Mario is a form first seen in Super Mario Galaxy 2 in Boulder Bowl Galaxy. It requires a Rock Mushroom to activate; by shaking the Wii Remote, Mario will transform into a giant boulder. As a boulder, Mario can roll around and jump, and if he hits an enemy - attacking or not - so much as contact will inflict damage to the enemy. If Mario at any point touches certain powerful enemies or a crystal, he'll revert to his Rock Mario form. While rolling you are in constant motion until you hit one of the things previously mentioned. However Mario can transform back into a boulder again if the player shakes the Wii Remote. Mario can use the Rock Mushroom to access context sensitive areas by knocking over walls to form bridges and rolling up ramps to jump across large gaps.