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Return Pipe
The Return Pipe is an important item used in Super Paper Mario.

Merlon gives the Return Pipe to Mario before he enters the first door of Flipside Tower to Lineland. This makes the Return Pipe one of the first important items he receives in Super Paper Mario. The Return Pipe is a red version of Warp Pipe that instantly returns Mario to the Flipside Tower. This can be done from almost any location, but in some areas, like the Underwhere Road, the Return Pipe cannot be used. The pipe can also be used to escape the Pit of 100 Trials.


  • If the Return Pipe is used in Castle Bleck, Mario will return to the Flopside Tower instead of the Flipside Tower. From there, Mario can use the Return Pipe to go to Flipside Tower. He will not have the party he has lost during their time in Castle Bleck, however.

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