Redneck Kong
Character Selection - Diddy Kong Pilot (2001)
Redneck Kong in the character selection's beach theme of Diddy Kong Pilot.
First Game Diddy Kong Pilot (2001) (cancelled)
Appearances Diddy Kong Pilot (2001) (cancelled)
Gender Male
Homeland Possibly Donkey Kong Island
Race Monkey

Redneck Kong, (sometimes called Crappy Kong by others), is a beta character from the cancelled and Pre-Alpha version of Diddy Kong Pilot from 2001.

It is unknown what this Kong's stats would have been, but it is known that he was going to be a playable character in the game. This Kong seems to be in process of being scrapped from the game and replaced with Candy Kong during the early development of the game. If he is selected, he is replaced by Diddy as the playable character, meaning he wasn't programmed in the game. He appears to be a hilbilly Kong in farmer clothing.


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