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A Red Coin in Super Mario Sunshine.

Red Coins are found in multiple Mario games, generally serving the same purpose. They are found in sets of eight in almost all cases, the collection of which grants the player a reward, varying by game. Perhaps the most well-known example is Super Mario 64, where a Power Star is the reward; in Super Mario Sunshine, this is a Shine Sprite instead, while the New Super Mario Bros. series grants the player a life or power-up upon collection within the given time limit. Some Red Coins are all over the level, while some are all in one room, with a puzzle to it.

Red Coins even appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team where they only exist in the dream world. Mario and Dreamy Luigi must collect all of the Red Coins in order for something specal to happen which usually results in getting into the next area.


Red coins often add two to the coin total as well, ordinary coins being worth one and blue coins five. In Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS, and Super Mario Sunshine, Red coins would heal up to two units of health when collected. However, in the New Super Mario Bros series, red coins are worth just one coin.


  • While in most other games, there are 8 Red Coins to collect. However, in Super Mario 3D Land, there are only 5 to collect.

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