Recovery Block
A Recovery Block from Paper Mario.
First Game Paper Mario
Located Various
Notes Usually restores all of Mario (and others) HP and FP.

Recovery Blocks (also called Heart Blocks and HP Blocks) are reoccuring objects in the Mario series. They first appear in Paper Mario.


Paper Mario

In Paper Mario, Recovery Blocks are found throughout the Mushroom Kingdom. Whenever Mario hits one, all of his HP and FP are restored. Recovery Blocks are usually found near Save Blocks before boss fights.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Recovery Blocks return in this game with the same purpose. However, now, Mario must pay a certain amount of coins in order to use one. The amount of coins to use a Recovery Block depends on the area. Earlier areas in the game such as Hooktail Castle and The Great Tree cost around 10 coins to use while much later ones such the Palace of Shadow can cost up to 20 coins.

Super Paper Mario

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

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