MP5 Leaf Leap

Leaf Leap is an example of a record mini-game that appears in the Mario Party series.

A Record Mini-game is a special type of mini-game that appears in the Mario Party series. A record mini-game usually records the best times or best achievements that the player earns in a mini-game. The type of record the mini-game records varies on the type of mini-game. The record for the mini-game appears at the top of the screen with a crown next to the best achievement for that mini-game. The player can break that specific record at any time, although it has no significant outcome of the mini-game. In Mario Party - Mario Party 3, both the human characters and computer characters could break any mini-games record. However, only the human characters can break a mini-game in Mario Party 4 and onwards. A record mini-game usually appears in either a 4-Player mini-game, 2 vs. 2 mini-game, or a Duel Mini-game.

There are a few mini-games that appear in Decathalon Mode that are considered record mini-games. For example, the mini-game Flower Shower appears as a record mini-game in Decathalon Mode. However, these mini-games are treated as record mini-games in this mode only, and do not keep record in any other mode of the game.