Queen B.
Queen B. Art (Donkey Kong Country)
Queen B.'s artwork from Donkey Kong Country.
First Game Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Appearances Donkey Kong Country
Gender Female
Homeland Vine Valley
Location Vine Valley
Species Zinger
Family Zingers, Kremling Krew
Alternative Form(s) Red and angry.
Attacks Stinging Donkey and Diddy.

Queen B. is the third boss in Donkey Kong Country resembling a giant Zinger. Queen B. is found in Vine Valley. Queen B. tries to attack Donkey and Diddy with her massive stinger. Like regular Zingers, Queen B. cannot be jumped on due to the spikes on her back. The Kongs must attack Queen B. with a barrel, making her angry and red and bounces across the entire area. The Kongs cannot attack Queen B. in this state, due to being invincible in this mode. After a while, Queen B. calms down and turns yellow again. She can also have a barrel be thrown at her again. The Kongs must repeat these step four more times to defeat Queen B. and move on to Gorilla Glacier.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, Queen B. has regular Zingers surrounding her instead of bouncing up and down multiple times by herself an having to wait a certain amount of time to defeat Queen B. When all of the Zingers surrounding Queen B. become defeated, Donkey and Diddy can attack Queen B. with a barrel.