Mario Artwork - Driving Underwater - Mario Kart 7

Mario driving underwater with the Propeller feature racer artwork

The Propeller is a feature in Mario Kart 7, which allows players to drive underwater. It is a device built into every kart. Most of the courses in this game have underwater areas, making this device very important. However, propellers cannot be chosen while customising the player's kart.

This feature was also enabled for Retro Tracks that have underwater areas. Unlike previous games, drivers could not go underwater. In this game, all underwater areas in Retro Tracks are eligible for driving in.

Although drivers can go underwater anywhere, there are always set boundaries for how far away a driver can go from the track. An example would be Koopa Troopa Beach. Although players can go out into the water deep enough to be driving in it, if the player goes too far from the track, he or she will be stopped and dragged by Lakitu.

MK7 Screen 10

Bowser and Donkey Kong using the Propeller feature underwater at Cheep Cheep Lagoon.

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