The Pre-race Countdown Timer, also known as Pre-Battle Countdown Timer or Countdown Timer, is a feature from the Mario Kart series that involves Lakitu, his Start Signal, and a timer that counts down from two in the first three games (three in later games) to the official start of the race/battle. The race/battle officially starts when the signal turns green or when the word GO! appears on the game screen (START! in Double Dash!! and DS).

Special Ability for the Player

During that time, the player must rev up the engine on the kart or bike and if you time it just right, you can perform a Rocket Start or a Double Dash!!. Since Mario Kart DS, if the player starts to accelerate as the 2 starts to go away, he/she is given a slight boost that helps him/her at the start of the race.

Official Sequence


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