A Prankster Comet is a comet that sometimes circles galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy. If Mario goes to a galaxy with a Prankster Comet circling it, he will have to do a special challenge. They can be moved around by feeding a special Luma 20 Star Bits. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, however, Prankster Comets need to be summoned by a Comet Medal.


Speedy Comet

Prankster Star

The Prankster Star icon in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Main article: Speedy Comet

In a Speedy Comet challenge, Mario must get the Power Star before the time runs out. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Speedy Comets reappear but there are clocks that add ten more seconds and less time to begin with.

Cosmic Comet

Main article: Cosmic Comet

In a Cosmic Comet challenge, Mario or Luigi must race their cosmic counterparts to the Power Star. Cosmic Luigi takes more of the shortcuts than Cosmic Mario does. Cosmic Comets do not appear in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Daredevil Comet

Main article: Daredevil Comet

In a Daredevil Comet challenge, Mario has a maximum of one health point, and will usually fight a boss. Daredevil Comets reappear in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Fast Foe Comet

Main article: Fast Foe Comet

In a Fast Foe Comet challenge, all of the enemies move faster than normal. In Super Mario Galaxy 2, there are similar comets called Double Time Prankster Comets, where certain elements of the world switch faster.

Purple Comet

Main article: Purple Comet

In a Purple Comet challenge, Mario must collect 100 Purple Coins. There is sometimes a time limit. They only appear after beating Bowser's Galaxy Reactor in Super Mario Galaxy. Purple Comets reappear in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Clone Comet

Main article: Clone Comet


Romp Comet

Main article: Romp Comet


Double Time Comet

Main article: Double Time Comet


Green Comet

Main article: Green Comet


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