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Pleasant Path
Pleasant path
Mario and Goombario on Pleasant Path.
Located East of Toad Town, north of Koopa Village, and west of Koopa Bros. Fortress.
Inhabitants Goombas
Koopa Troopas
First game Paper Mario
Game(s) Paper Mario

Pleasant Path is a location in Paper Mario.


Mario first visits this area while looking for the first Star Spirit, Eldstar. Pleasant Path is a grassy area similar to World 1-1 from Super Mario Bros.. It features a pleasant brook, as well as Candy Canes, which can restore Mario's HP if he walks around them. Koopa Village is near here, and Koopa Bros. Fortress is further down the road. Toad Town is to the west. Several enemies are found here: Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Paratroopas, Paragoombas, and Spiked Goombas. Jr. Troopa is encountered here after Chapter 1 is completed, and Kent C. Koopa blocks the road after Chapter 5, but Mario does not  have to fight him. Mario could either pay Kent C. Koopa 100 Coins or take the blue Warp Pipe located in Toad Town Tunnels.






  • "To the west of here is Toad Town, and to the east is Koopa Village. If we go even farther east, we'll eventually reach Koopa Bros. Fortress."
  • "It's always pleasant around here. That's why we call this place Pleasant Path. It's nice and warm today, too. Incidentally, lots of Koopas live around here."
  • "Koopas like to live around Pleasant Path because there's plenty of water for them to lounge in. Koopa Village is down this way. If you want to go to Koopa Bros. Fortress, we should take the upper path and just keep going straight."

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