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Pizza Me, Mario.

Pizza Me, Mario is a mini-game in Mario Party 9.


In this mini-game, each player has their own topping: pepperoni for the first player, cheese for the second, broccoli for the third and mushrooms ( I mean the ones you eat and not the Mario ones) for the fourth player. The objective of the mini-game is to throw toppings onto the rotating pizza by shaking the Wii Remote. The player who throws their toppings onto every slice first wins. It is one of the few mini-games where when a player wins, the other players do not stay playing until they complete the task, the other being Logger Heads, 10 to Win, and Snow Go.

In Time Attack mode, the player must toss all four toppings onto the pizza. The player must not hit a slice with that topping already on it to achieve the bonus objective.


  • Pizza Me, Mario is a pun of Mario's famous catchphrase "It's a me, Mario!"

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