Piranha Plant Orb
Piranha Plant Orb
The Piranha Plant Orb from Mario Party 6
First game Mario Party 6
Appearances Mario Party 6
Mario Party 7

The Piranha Plant Orb is an orb that appears only in Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7. Any player who lands on it will trigger the Piranha Plant that will steal half of his or her coins and the owner of the orb will receive the money. (For example: Yoshi owns the orb and has 80 coins so far, but if Toad enters Yoshi's trap and so far has 40 coins but the Piranha Plant reduced Toad's coin total by half or 20 coins leaving him with twenty, that means Yoshi will receive half of Toad's coins for a grand total of 80+20=100 coins)