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Isle Delfino native
Appearances Super Mario Sunshine
Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
Mario Power Tennis
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Mario Superstar Baseball
Super Mario Strikers
Mario Party 8
Mario Strikers Charged
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games
Mario Kart Wii
Mario Super Sluggers
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Gender Male
Homeland Isle Delfino
"You saved me! Thanks a bundle!"
— Pianta

Piantas are a race native to Isle Delfino, and as such first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine and they are a sentient species of people found on Isle Delfino in Super Mario Sunshine.


They somewhat resemble humans; however, Piantas are much larger and can have pink, green, brown, purple, red, orange, yellow, or blue skin. Piantas also have small palm trees growing out of the top of their heads, indicating that they may have evolved from tropical plants. Also, Super Mario Sunshine's description of them said the palm trees were to provide shade from the intense heat on Isle Delfino. Typically, Piantas wear grass skirts or grass dresses even if they are boys.

Other Appearances

Piantas are generally laid back and friendly. Beyond Super Mario Sunshine, Piantas have appeared as a recurring species in many spin-off games and also appeared in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Recently, Piantas have been spotted in Sunshine Beach in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Piantas appear in this game as workers in West Rogueport for Don Pianta. A Pianta stands outside the Pianta Parlor while the others including Don Pianta reside in a secret room in West Rogueport. Two other notable Piantas, Francesca Pianta and Frankie, appear as well.

Playable Appearances

In both cases, Piantas were available players for one's baseball team.

Official Profiles and Statistics

These mountain folk are strong, sociable and curious. The trees on their heads provide relief from the island's heat.


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