First Game Super Princess Peach (2005)
Gender Male

Perry is a talking umbrella who is Princess Peach's ally in Super Princess Peach. He is given to Peach from Toadsworth in the beginning of the game before Peach saves Mario, Luigi and the Toads. He seems to have lost his memory and he will slowly re-gain his memory as you go throughout the worlds. Perry will teach Peach the moves when hitting the block.


Perry has many forms that Peach can use in her quest against Bowser. Some of them can be obtained for free, but others must be purchased. Perry's forms are:

  • Bowlbrella - Perry acts as a boat to ferry Peach across water.
  • Chargebrella - This form allows Peach to use Perry to destroy certain enemies and flip switches.
  • Dashbrella - Peach swings Perry around as she runs to defeat enemies in her path (This can be unlocked when completing World 8.
  • Floatbrella - Using Perry, Peach can float for a few seconds.
  • Poundbrella - This form allows Peach to Ground Pound enemies and breakable blocks in the ground.
  • Slidebrella - This allows Peach to slide down ropes with Perry.
  • Subrella - Perry transforms into a sub so Peach can use him to travel underwater, still he's able to attack.

Other Names

  • His Italian name, Perrisol is a combo of Perry and Parasol.
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