Penguin Sprite - Wario Land II (International)
Penguin's international sprite from Wario Land II.
First Game Wario Land II (1998)
Appearances Wario Land II
Homeland Escape from the Woods!, etc.
Located Escape from the Woods!, etc.
Leader Captain Syrup
Attacks Making Wario drunk (Japanese)
Making Wario dizzy (International)
Defeated by Undefeatable

Penguin is a blue penguin enemy with a bandanna on its head whom originates from the Wario Land series of games.


Wario Land II

Penguin - Making Wario Drunk - Wario Land II (Japan)

A Penguin in the Japanese version.

Penguin first appears in Wario Land II, first appearing in the level Escape from the Woods!.

In the game, these foes are like a typical enemy and carry around a mug of bubbly beer to make Wario drunk when he is splashed with it in the Japanese version. Due to it being a children's game and containing alcohol references, it was forced to be changed to a more appropriate item being a black orb. They do the same effect though, both turning Wario into his dizzy form. Though, it could be implied that Wario becomes confused and dizzy in the international version and drunk in the Japanese version. They usually appear near pits and likely-to-fall areas.



  • It could be considered odd that in the Japanese version, Penguin holds beer as a weapon, but comes after the original Game Boy versions which don't have it as a weapon.