Peewee Piranha
Peewee Piranha SMG2
Peewee Piranha's artwork from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
First Game Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010)
Appearances Super Mario Galaxy 2
Location Sky Station Galaxy
Species Piranha Plant
Attacks Ramming

Peewee Piranha is the first boss in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It is found in the Sky Station Galaxy. Peewee Piranha also shares a close characteristic with Dino Piranha, but the differences are that Peewee Piranha keeps its egg on, and doesn't have a tail.


Peewee Piranha will chase Mario and jump at him. Mario must Star Spin into the back of it three times.

Once it is hit three times, it will turn red with rage, and it will chase Mario more aggressively, with longer and more numerous strides before resting for a few seconds. When it is hit for the fifth time, it will run away faster than Mario can run. Peewee Piranha must be intercepted, where it will stop for a quick moment to turn around, so the final hit can be dealt.

At the end of the battle, it will collapse without any petals on its head, and it will finally explode to reveal the Power Star.

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