Path to Shooting Star Summit
Path to Shooting Star Summit (Paper Mario)
The path to Shooting Star Summit
Located East of Princess Peach's Castle
First game Paper Mario (2001)
"This place feels strange and mysterious, doesn't it? If we go east from here, we'll eventually get to Shooting Star Summit."
Goombario's Tattle

The Path to Shooting Star Summit is a location in Paper Mario.


Located to the east of Princess Peach's Castle, this path leads to both Shooting Star Summit and Merluvlee and Merlow's House. If the higher path is taken, Mario will be taken to the top of Shooting Star Summit and if he takes the lower path, he is taken to Merluvlee and Merlow's House.

On top of Shooting Star Summit, Mario will be able to converse with the Star Spirits to learn about what is going on while he is on his adventure.

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