Alternate Names The Gentle Children of Somnom.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Game Appearances Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Homeland Pi'illo Kingdom
Related or Similar Species Monty Moles
Notable Members Nommons of Somnom Woods.

Nommons are a race of unique creatures that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are also known as the "Gentle children of Somnom" by Prince Dreambert.


Nommons are similar to Monty Moles as being mole-like creatures. They also are mainly purple in color.


The Nommons live in Somnom Woods where they worship the "Nom P'illos." They also speak in a way as they don't recongize anything from outside Somnom Woods. Given their serious nature in protecting the "Nom Pi'illos," they enjoy games and would even give up a "Nom Pi'illo" if someone plays with them.


  • The Nommons commonly refer to Mario and Luigi as "Nose-beards" due to their mustaches.
  • "Nommon" is a palindrome.

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