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Necky Nutmare
Necky Nutmare - Grey Krusha
Donkey Kong about to defeat a gray Krusha.
Game(s) Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)
World Chimp Caverns
Terrain Cavern
Animal Buddies N/A
Bonus Level(s) One
Enemies Krusha (blue and gray), Necky, Army, Mini-Necky
Previous level Misty Mine
Next level Loopy Lights

Necky Nutmare is the thirty second level exclusive to the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country. It is the fourth level in Chimp Caverns. It comes after Misty Mine and before Loopy Lights.


As this level is exclusive to the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country, it can be considered, in some ways, non-canon. In this game, it is the final level taking place inside of a cavern, Misty Mine in other versions. The hazards in the level include Mini-Neckies, Armies, Neckies and the blue and grey Krushas.

Collectibles and Secrets

K-O-N-G Letters

  • K: After the first Bonus Level, there is a Mini-Necky that can be seen. Next to it is the letter K in an alcove.
  • O: After the two monkeys crawl through the second low ceiling in the level, the letter O can be found above a Mini-Necky.
  • N: Shortly after the two monkeys pass the Star Barrel, a wide abyss can be seen that is needed to be crossed with a few platforms. The second leads them down to the letter N, with an Auto-Fire Barrel that blasts the monkeys back upwards.
  • G: Just before the level's final DK Barrel, a deep alcove can be found with the letter G on a small platform.

Bonus Level

There is only a single Bonus Level in this level. To find it, the monkeys can find the first two Armies in the level who roll off a raised piece of land. The two must scale to the top of the raised area to find a banana which indicates where the hidden Bonus Barrel is. In this Bonus Level, the monkeys must spell out DIDDY correctly through the letters. If the two win, they gain a blue Extra Life Balloon. If the two lose, they are forced out with no prize.