Mushrise Park
Mario and Luigi breaking rocks at Mushrise Park.
Located Pi'illo Island
Inhabitants Brickle
Other Brocks
First game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Game(s) Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mushrise Park is a location in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is located in the southwestern area of Pi'illo Island. It is mainly run by Brickle who helps with the gardening in the area.


Mario and Luigi visit Mushrise Park to find the pillow containing Eldream. They run into a Brock named Brickle asking for the pillow. However, the hot-headed Brock refuses to give up the pillow and runs away. Mario and Luigi make chase until Brickle gets stuck in a fountain. Starlow urges Mario and Luigi to release him somehow and they go underground to raise the water pressure. Brickle is freed from the fountain which causes it to shatter and one of the pieces hit's one of Brickle's inventions the Grobot. The Grobot goes mad and attacks everyone in sight including Brickle. Mario and Luigi have no choice but to fight and destroy the Grobot saving Mushrise Park and certain Brocks.


  • Mario and Luigi first acquire their hammers in Mushrise Park.

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