Ms. Pac-Man
Ms. Pac-Man MKAGP2
First Game (In Mario Games) Mario Kart Arcade GP
Appearances Mario Kart Arcade GP
Mario Kart Arcade GP 2
Gender Female

Ms. Pac-Man is the wife of the famous video game character, Pac-Man. She made her debut appearance in Ms. Pac-Man, a game originally created without the consent of Pac-Man's creators at Namco, but eventually the rights to the character were handed over, and she has appeared in other Pac-Man series games.

She has made crossover appearances in two Mario titles to date, Mario Kart Arcade GP and its sequel, Mario Kart Arcade GP 2, along with her husband and their arch-enemy, Blinky. Her racing stats aren't very different from Pac-Man; she has better handling than him, but lower top speed (in GP2 she is a speed character). Ms. Pac-Man utilizes the same special items that Pac-Man does: Pooka, Rally X, and Galaga Boss, which are references to other classic Namco titles.

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