Super Mario RPG Statistics: Mr. Kipper
Location(s) Sea, Sunken Ship, Bowser's Keep
Health Points (HP) 133
Attack 75
Defense 45
Magic Attack 14
Magic Defense 10
Weaknesses Fire, Thunder
Dropped Item Able Juice (5%)
Yoshi Cookie Item Mushroom
Bonus Flower Defense Up! (50%)
Psychopath Message "I'm a fresh little fish."
Dropped Coins 2
Experience Points 8

Mr. Kipper is an enemy that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Mr. Kippers are green Cheep Cheeps that can mainly be found in the Sea and the Sunken Ship.


In battle, Mr. Kippers only attack by swimming at one of Mario's party members. Mr. Kippers are often found in groups.


Mr. Kippers are weak to both fire and thunder attacks meaning Mario's fire techniques or Mallow's thunder techniques are effective against them.