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Motley Bossblob
180px-Shiny Clown Screenshot - Super Mario 3D World
The Mostley Bossblob
First Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Homeland Sprixie Kingdom
Species Koopa Troopa
Affiliates Bowser

The Motley Bossblob is a boss that was first introduced in Super Mario 3D World.


Motley Bossblob is a Koopa jester that uses gelatinous blobs to transform into a gigantic clown-like mostrosity. He first appears in World 6-C.


After turning ito the clown creature, Motley will attempt to jump on Mario multiple times. On the final leap, Motley will split into many parts as well as his jester form where he is then vulnerable to assault. Mario must chase the fleeing Motley whilst avoiding the harmful blobs.

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