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Motley Bossblob
180px-Shiny Clown Screenshot - Super Mario 3D World
The Motley Bossblob
First Appearance Super Mario 3D World
Appears in Super Mario 3D World
Homeland Sprixie Kingdom
Species Koopa Troopa
Gender Male
Affiliates Bowser
Attacks Jumping
Defeated by jumped on fire balls, tanooki tail

The Motley Bossblob is a boss who is introduced in Super Mario 3D World.


Motley Bossblob is commanded by a Koopa jester. This jester uses a magic wand to assemble, and control gelatinous beings. But the jester's primary action is to use the blobs to assemble themself into a gigantic clown-like monstrosity. Whether the jester uses their wand to create or summon these gelatinous beings is unknowable, but the blobs and the jester all have the same distinct, diamond-like pupil. Perhaps the blobs are not sentient and the jester only makes them sentient to attack. The jester seemingly has heterochromic iridis, since their left pupil is blue and their right pupil is red. They first appear in World 6-C.


After turning into the clown creature, Bossblob will attempt to jump on Mario multiple times. On the final leap, Bossblob ground pounds and splatters. This disassembles the blobs and reveals the jester. During this time the blobs and the jester are vulnerable to assault. Mario must chase the fleeing jester whilst avoiding the harmful blobs.


  • Blob Clown Formation: Motley wil use his wand to form many blobs with him forming a giant clown monster made of blob.
  • High Jumping: After being fused with the blobs, Motley will start jumping trying to crush the player. after many jumps he will try to ground-pound the player however if the player dodge the attack the blob clown wil dissipate and Motley will return to his normal form and start running.
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Motley Bossblob isn't a proper final boss, despite being the final boss of the Boss Blitz.

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