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The Moon
Mario Shoots the Moon
Mario just landing on The Moon.
Located In space.
Inhabitants Moon Clefts
Game(s) Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The Moon is the planet's moon that orbits around it. The moon is only accessible in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


This large floating satellite of sorts is where the location of the X-naut base is. There is less gravity here than on the Mushroom World, in being so, Mario jumps slightly higher in the overworld. Mario's basic movement is even slowed down as well. The stars in the sky can form constellations that look like power-ups such as the Fire Flower and Super Mushroom.

There is also many enemies called Moon Clefts that inhabit the Moon and they run much faster than Mario. Mario can only avoid a battle with them by riding on Yoshi though in battle, they can be easily taken down with Bobbery.


  • Oddly, Mario doesn't need a helmet to breathe on The Moon where in Super Paper Mario, he needs one. It is believed that the Crystal Stars are protecting him.

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