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The sprite of the Monstar.
First Appearance Paper Mario
Appears in Paper Mario
Homeland Shiver Region
Location Shiver Snowfield
Species Star
Attacks Shooting Star
Defeated by Any attacks (except Star-related moves)

Monstar is a boss in Paper Mario.


Monstar is a ghost that is unaffected by all types of star attacks, so Shooting Star and Scholar won't do much in this fight. He attacks with his own form of Shooting Star, but it only deals out 1 point of damage, rather than the 6 Shooting Star does. This monster also says some dialogue, asking Mario if he is scared of his terrifying might. Once the fight concludes, it turns out that Monstar is actually a large sum of Star Kids. The children fly off to Starborn Valley and Mario enters the village.

Battle Statistics

Monstar's Stats (Paper Mario)
Max HP 20
Attack 1
Defense 0
Attacks Shooting Star.

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