Money Belt
Money Belt
Money Belt
Appearance(s) Mario Party 6
Type Coin-collecting mini-game
Time 30 seconds
Music Slow and Steady

Money Belt is a coin-collecting mini-game that appears in Mario Party 6.


The objective of this game is simple: Open a box that has a coin or coins in them and avoid the Bob-ombs and Punch-outs. Each box will be scanned as it makes its way down the belt. If you open a box that has a Bob-omb or Punch-out in it, you'll be stunned for a few seconds and will be unable to open any boxes. You can earn up to 19 coins in this game.

Controls and Scoring

  • A Button - Open Box
  • Single Coin: 1 Coin
  • Bag of Coins: 5 Coins

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