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The Mini-Mega System is a feature that only appears in Mario Party 4. This system revolves around the use of the Mega Mushroom, Mini Mushroom, and the Mini-Mega Hammer that determines the size of the character. The Mini-Mega system is mainly used on the board maps. The different sizes determines the amount of spaces a character can travel and the different events that they can participate in. If a character is a large size, then they will be able to move extra spaces on the board with the use of the dice block. They will also steal either ten or fifteen coins from any player they pass depending on the type of Mega Mushroom. However, they will not be able to access the star space, lottery shop, or any on board events. If a character is a smaller size, then the amount of spaces they can move on the board will be reduced. However, they will be able to access special short cuts on the board and participate in mini mini-games, which allows them to collect more coins and items. The characters can earn these size changing items either through an item shop, a special event, or through the Mushroom Spaces that appears on the boards. The Sparky Sticker will negate the affect of a character's size.

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