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"I'm Lady Merlee's handmaid. My name's Mimi!"
— Mimi
Mimi Art (Super Paper Mario)
Mimi's artwork from Super Paper Mario.
First Game Super Paper Mario (2007)
Appearances Super Paper Mario
Gender Female
Homeland Merlee's Mansion (ending)
Race Unknown

Mimi is one of the minions of Count Bleck in Super Paper Mario. She has the ability to shapeshift, notably as a little girl, a form she uses to pretend to be an innocent little girl. She can copy anyone's voice. Her true form is a large, grotesque spider creature, however, her most common form is the form of a little green skinned girl. If the player switches to 3D while fighting the Spider form, they can see gears inside of her, hinting that she's actually a robot, which would explain her shape-shifting powers.

The player first meets her in Merlee's Mansion, after she acts as the handmaid of Merlee. In this level you cannot attack her at first because she has a magical forcefield surrounding her provided by Count Bleck. You must first find Merlee and she will counteract the evil magic. The next time you meet her is in the destroyed Sammer's Kingdom, where she stalls time and the world is destroyed. In both these you must use Thoreau to throw rubees at her. At the end of the game, she becomes the true maid of Merlee, but since Merlee is rarely at her mansion, Mimi turns it into a 'cutie-pie stable'.


  • Mimi is the only one of Count Blecks minions to be a Chapter Boss.
  • Mimi is the only character in Super Paper Mario to change her appearance which becomes a spider.


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