"I'm Lady Merlee's handmaid. My name's Mimi!"
― Mimi
Mimi Art (Super Paper Mario)
Mimi's artwork from Super Paper Mario.
First Game Super Paper Mario (2007)
Appearances Super Paper Mario
Gender Female
Homeland Merlee's Mansion (ending)
Race Unknown

Mimi is one of the minions of Count Bleck in Super Paper Mario.


She has the ability to shapeshift, notably as a little girl, a form she uses to pretend to be an innocent little girl. She can copy anyone's voice or form like merlee. Her true form is a large, grotesque spider creature, however, her most common form is the form of a little green skinned girl. If the player switches to 3D while fighting the Spider form, they can see gears inside of her, hinting that she's actually a robot, which would explain her shape-shifting powers.

The player first meets her in Merlee's Mansion, after she acts as the handmaid of Merlee. In level 2-3, when you break her butterfly vase, she sentences you to labor to work for 1000000 rubees wich you must steal from a vault. When you give her the rubees to pay of your debt, she gets mad and explodes ending that chapter. In level 2-4 you first find Mimi disguised as Merlee who then tries to convince Mario (or Princess Peach) into thinking she is the real Merlee. When you reject her offer for the Pure Heart a couple times, she gets upset then turning into True Mimi who transforms into a spider, this scared Merlee, so she tan to the door and told Mario (or Peach) that she will cheer them at the door. Then chases you through the maze like basment. After you finishing her off, she starts to explode back to her own style of a little girl and disappears. You must then find Merlee, who will recite a magical chant to destroy Mimi's barrier. The next time you meet her is in the Sammer's Kingdom, where she poses as King Sammer where she stalls for time fighting Mario and Tippi and the world ends up being destroyed. In both these you must use Thoreau to throw rubees at her. The only character that can deflect her attacks are Peach with her Parasol. Near the end Mimi and O'Chunks appear to comfort Count Bleck because of Dimentios cruel actions. Mimi is then proven as a true minion to Count Bleck. At the end of the game, she becomes the true maid of Merlee.

Mimi gives a lot of information about herself in the game show "That's My Merlee!". She was disguised as Merlee at the time and may have been attempting at making Mario and friends think that she was the charmer. However, it is very likely to be true as Mimi has stated before that she likes men and also states it in the show. These are all her answers to the trivia show.

  • Her birthday is May 5.
  • Her childhood nickname was the "Odd Porpoise."
  • She likes to watch reruns of Super Ultra Gommba Bros.
  • Her favorite smell is Old Cheese.
  • When showering, she washes off the mildew.
  • Her favorite food is tangerines.
  • Her type of guy is present in the bathroom during the quiz.
  • Her favorite animal is a demon.
  • She wants a boyfriend.
  • Her best feature is her effervescent personality.


  • Mimi is the only one of Count Bleck's minions to be a Chapter Boss.
  • Mimi is the only character in Super Paper Mario to change her appearance (which becomes a spider).
  • Mimi is the only female Count Bleck minion that you fight.