Merlee's Mansion
Merlee's Mansion
Mario in one of the rooms of Merlee's Mansion.
Located Gloam Valley
Inhabitants Merlee
Mimi (formerly)
First game Super Paper Mario

Merlee's Mansion is a location in Super Paper Mario. It serves as the setting for Chapter's 2-2 and 2-3 and is located within Gloam Valley. This eventually leads to the basement at the end. During the events of Chapter 2, Mimi takes over Merlee's Mansion where Merlee herself has hidden away in the toilet in her bathroom.


Merlee's Mansion is a very large mansion with very elegant decor. It contains many rooms and a safe in the second part of it. Merlee has also large pets called Gnips that will kick out any intruder only for their safety. Her largest pet, Gnaw, his her favorite and watches over the door leading to the safe area.


Chapter 2-2: Tricks, Treats, Traps

Mario and company finally reach Merlee's Mansion but cannot find Merlee herself. After getting by the Gnips and a little exploring, Mario and the others run into Mimi who is apparently Merlee's housemaid. Mimi tells Mario and the others that Merlee is in the far upper right door but warns them not to go into any of the other doors. Indeed, this is true as the other doors are nothing but traps. However, when the group reaches the door that Mimi told them to go through, a switch will activate a spiked ceiling. Fortunately, Mario is able to get by thanks to his Flip ability and avoids getting crushed and finds the key to the door downstairs. After unlocking the door, Gnaw is free and starts to chase after Mimi. A confused Tipp wonders why Gnaw didn't go for them inside but doesn't worry about that too much. The group then proceed further into the mansion.

Chapter 2-3: Breaking the Bank

Unfortunately, the trip further through Merlee's Mansion is halted after Mario accidentally destroys an expensive vase. A furious Mimi (who has somehow evaded Gnaw) rushes out and orders Mario to pay 1,000,000 Rubees for it. Tippi finds the price ridiculous but Mimi forces them to work it off anyway. However, seeing this would take awhile, Mario and company search around for some answers. There are hints toward a safe upstairs that contains that many inside but it's impossible to get through thanks to electric barriers blocking the way. However, after more exploring, Mario and company run into another Pixl, Slim, who's ability will allow them to get past the electric barriers. After getting to the safe and putting in the code, Mario and company have the right amount of Rubees to pay off Mimi. However, this greatly upsets Mimi as her curse is broken and she explodes. Mario and company then trek down to the basement to find Merlee.