Men'ono Sprite - Wario Land 4
Men'ono's sprite from Wario Land 4.
First Game Wario Land 4 (2001)
Appearances Wario Land 4
Homeland Sapphire Passage
Located Sapphire Passage
Leader Golden Diva
Attacks Chopping Wario with their axes.
Defeated by Charged into.

Men'ono, (メン斧, meaning "ax face", also called Ax Ghost or Axe Ghost in American and British translations), is an enemy in Wario Land 4.

In the game, these foes are located in the Sapphire Passage levels such as Hotel Horror. They use their axes to try to chop Wario and injure him when he is in-sight. It only gives out a single blue coin when defeated.

Their appearance includes having a pink colored cloak while carrying axes. They also have brown shoes with cyan-colored eyes.

They appear to be related to Onomī as they both carry axes.