Master Necky
Master Necky Art (Donkey Kong Country)
Master Necky's artwork from Donkey Kong Country.
First Game Donkey Kong Country (1994)
Appearances Donkey Kong Country
Gender Male
Homeland Donkey Kong Island
Location Monkey Mines
Species Necky
Family Kremling Krew
Attacks Spitting coconuts.

Master Necky is the second boss found in Donkey Kong Country who resembles a giant Necky head. Master Necky can be found in Monkey Mines. Master Necky attacks Donkey and Diddy by spitting coconuts at them. There is a tire where Donkey and Diddy can jump on to get higher to approach Master Necky so Donkey and Diddy can jump on Master Necky's head to attack him. Donkey and Diddy must repeat this step four more times to defeat Master Necky and gain the Golden Banana to access Vine Valley.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, Master Necky turns bright red before and after attacking, making him temporarily invincible so the Kongs can attack him for a short while after he spits out a coconut.

He also helps Master Necky Snr. fight in Chimp Cavern in the Game Boy Advance remake. They both shoot coconuts one after another. When one is jumped on four times, that one faints, making the other bird angry so he spits four coconuts at once. When that Necky is jumped on four times, both collapse and Donkey and Diddy are able to access Gangplank Galleon where King K. Rool, the final boss stands.