This page is the article for the prototype of Mario Kart DS. Also the Kiosk Demo version of the game, but simply the beta version's Kiosk Demo rather than the final version's.



  • General differences include slight graphic changes on the menu screens/character selection screens and such. Also, all the music is a slight bit different.
  • Figure-8 Circuit is named "Figure-Eight Circuit" in this game.

Title Screen

The title screen isn't generally much different excluding the logo being the beta logo shown. Mario is also moved slightly in the prototype and there is mainly a dark blue background shown. There is also text saying "demo version" at the bottom, but only the kiosk beta.

Kiosk Demo Final Build
Title Screen - Mario Kart DS (Kiosk) Title Screen - Mario Kart DS

Cup Selection

  • The Mushroom Cup and the Shell Cups are renamed "Nitro Cup" and "Retro Cup" respectively with the top having a 16-bit sprite of Yoshi, the bottom having a 16-bit sprite of Toad. Also, the Kiosk version only has two cups. Also, the colors are different in the Kiosk Demo with turquoise and blue colors being seen along with the SELECT CUP text being in a different font.
Kiosk Demo Final
Selecting a Cup - Mario Kart DS (Prototype) Selecting a Cup - Mario Kart DS (Final)

Character Selection

In the Kiosk, only the default "Standard" karts can be used and the Kiosk Demo's background colors are, again, blue and turquoise. It should also be noted that Donkey Kong is entitled Dk in the Kiosk with the K notably being in lowercase format, despite being his last name. His full name is shown in the final version. Also, the beta Mario Kart DS logo watermark is removed and the checkers were reorganized. The SELECT CHARACTER font is also different in the Kiosk Demo. Another change has the selectable character's icons closer together in the demo. No unlockable characters are in the demo either.

Kiosk Demo Final Build
Selecting a Character - Mario Kart DS (Prototype) Selecting a Character - Mario Kart DS (Final)

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