Due to Mario's popularity, various concepts have been mentioned in popular culture.

In Music

  • "Bob-Omb" by Insane Ian (Parody of "Grenade" by Bruno Mars)-004:01

    "Bob-Omb" by Insane Ian (Parody of "Grenade" by Bruno Mars)-0

    Internet parody artist "Insane Ian" made a song called Bob-omb (parodied Grenade by Bruno Mars). In it Ian (as Mario) mentions suicidal stunts he'd do for Peach (such as catch the titular Bob-Omb, jumping under a Thwomp, etc.) much like the original except in the second verse he mentions various spinoffs such as Mario Golf (I'd play a dumb round of golf for you) among others.
  • Lameclaimtofame
    Pop-Parody artist "Weird Al" Yankovic wrote a song called Lame Claim to Fame. In it, he claims that Paul Giamatti's plumber "knows him by name." At that part, he parodies a scene based on Super Mario Bros.. The "Plumber" is dressed like a modren Mario, and Paul Giamatti is dressed like an 8-Bit Mario. A Goomba is replaced with the Srubbing Bubbles mascot.

In Television

  • In an episode of Robot Chicken ,  there's a Fast & Furious/Mario Kart Crossover parody. People are eliminated one by one cumulnating in Wario (in a humorously high voice) explains the purpose of the Spiny Shell ("Blue-a Turtle Shell")
  • In another episode of Robot Chicken,  there is a GTA/Super Mario crossover parody. Luigi killed a girls pet turtle (thinking it was a Koopa) Which got them one of GTA's infamous wanted stars,  the parody culmunates with the National Guard Shooting Luigi. (Mario: He's a-marinating in his own-a Ragu) and then Mario.
  • MADTV Mario
    In an episode of MAD,  a (supposedly superior) Goomba tells a rookie to not let Mario stomp on him. Which ironically happens senconds later. The superior Goomba cries WHY... YOU CROOK, take me instead.
  • Another parody includes a Parody of Lemony Snicket's series of Unfortunate Events, The Lemming children go to stay with their uncle Wario. They soon escape him and go to live with their other uncle Mario, Who has hired a man called Cario. One of the Lemming children tell him that Cario is Wario, but Mario doesn't belevie him, until Wario feeds him to a Piranha Plant. After that, the Lemming children build a stair case to escape Wario.
  • In another episode of MAD , During a video game cheats sketch Super Mario Bros. is mentioned which (for frivoulous reasons) Mario can hail a cab, the driver of which will not (ironically) accept gold coins. Then the cabbie proceeds to kick Mario out.
    MoreMADTV Mario
  • An 8-bit Mario sprite is seen running in MAD's opening credits
  • In an episode of Phineas & Ferb , the titular duo design a game with almost a perfect representation of SMB game mechanics (even Candace's blow dryer could be considered a variation of Mario's fireball attack)
  • In the Family Guy episode "Lois Comes Out of Her Shell", just as Stewie's turtle, Sheldon, was about to kill him, Mario suddenly appears and jumps on Sheldon. Stewie was surprised to see Mario and Mario replied that he jumps on turtles.
    • Also in the episode "Boopa-Dee Bappa-Dee", both Mario and Luigi appeared in the episode. Mario became Meg's boyfriend but was interrupted by Luigi
  • MarioandLuigiFostersHome
    In the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episode "The Buck Swaps Here", two guys that resemble Mario and Luigi can be seen carrying a mirror before the robber jump through it and broke it.

On the internet

  • On top of the aforementioned song parody there are several Mario instances, including...
  • A Cartoon revealing Peach's Fictitious twins with Mario leading up to the actual labor
  • Stupid/Funny Mario deaths: Videos chroniclizing humorous (sometimes faked) deaths in Mario 3D games
  • Short videos satirizing Mario's somewhat over emphasized Italian accent

In the Movies

  • Wreckitralphbowsercameo
    The movie Wreck-It Ralph makes several references to the Mario series. For starters, Bowser makes an appearance where he was attending the annual Bad-Anon with Ralph the other villains (even Dr. Eggman from the Sonic series). Other references include:
    • During the 30th celebration of Fix It Felix Jr., Felix hears the door bell ring and replies "Oh, I bet it's Mario!". Mario doesn't appear in the movie himself but was indeed mentioned.
    • In another scene, Ralph was going through the lost and found in the Root Beer Tapper game to find a medal. The first thing he picked up was a Mushroom and the sound effect for getting one is played.
    • During the end credits, Ralph and the others are seen collecting several medals (resembling coins) in a dark room. They then head down a metallic object that resembles a Warp Pipe.

In other games

  • In the Animal Crossing games, several Mario items and clothing can be purchased.
    • GulliverBobbert
      Also in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Gulliver mentioned several characters and locations such as Isle Delfino and even Bobbery.

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