Mario Bros.
Game Art
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date Atari 2600
NA 1983

Atari 5200
NA 1983
Atari 7800
NA 1987
Atari 8-bit
NA 1988
Apple II
NA 1984
Commodore 64
NA 1984
EU 1984
EU 1987
Amstrad CPC
EU 1983
NA November 11, 2002
Game Boy Advance
JP May 21, 2004
JP September 9, 1983
NA June 1986
EU September 1, 1986
Virtual Console
JP December 12, 2006
KO December 30, 2008
NA November 19, 2006
EU/AU December 8, 2006

Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single and Multiplayer
Platform(s) Nintendo Entertainment System
Next game Super Mario Bros. (1985)

Mario Bros. is the third game to feature Mario; previously, he was known as Jumpman. It was released in 1983 in Japan and North America and comprises primarily of defeating an endless horde of enemies and fireballs in a screen-sized area in order to obtain points in the game. In order to advance to the next level, you must defeat a certain number of enemies, achieved by bumping them from under the platforms, or hitting a POW block, and then finally kicking them off the screen. A two-player mode allows two players to play, one as Mario and the other as Luigi. There is a similar game called Mario Bros. Special. Since the game takes place in the sewers of New York, its canonicity is questionable. It is the only game to feature Mario wearing a blue cap.


Mario and his brother Luigi are two brothers who work as plumbers attempting to rid the sewers of creatures such as Sidesteppers inside the sewer.


Playable Characters


Enemies found in remakes


Mario Bros. was released in 1983 on arcade systems but later remade several times to keep with the advances in technology. It was later ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System by Intelligent Systems. A version with updated graphics was packaged with the each of the Super Mario Advance games, with some minor adjustments to the enemies.


Arcade game


Mario Bros. reappeared in many remakes, along with making appearances in other games.

One of the most notable appearances was the one in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where the Mario Bros. stage appears as an unlockable fighting stage in the game.

In 2013, as a special Year of Luigi add-in, Super Mario 3D World had a special game called Luigi Bros.. The game featured Luigi and a White Luigi replacing Mario.


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