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  • Do not suggest fights for other users.
  • A user can only suggest one fight per week.
  • No more than five suggestions per week.
  • Do not suggest the same fight two weeks in a row.
  • Add your suggestion at the bottom of the page.
  • Add the participants in alphabetical order.
  • Do not vote for your own suggestion.
  • If a character has fought recently, do not suggest them in a fight for at least two weeks.
  • You must tell why you support or oppose.
  • Only signed in votes will be accepted.
  • Make sure to sign with button_sig.png or --~~~~.
  • When adding the templates, make sure to add them as :{{support}}: instead of :{{Support}}:.
  • Fights will be selected only if the amount of positive votes outweighs the number the negative votes by two or more. Fight selection will go from the top of the page to the bottom.

Voting Templates

Template Produces
{{support}} Support Support
{{oppose}} Oppose Oppose
{{neutral}} Neutral Neutral
{{comment}} Comment Comment


Magnus Von Grapple VS. Megaleg

I think that this will be an interesting battle between to robots in the Mario series. They both have their pros and cons, so it will be interesting to see where the votes will go. Swiftykitty2K ;D 12:22, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

Digga-Leg VS Megaleg

This would be a good fight becasue they are 2 tough bosses from the Super Mario Galaxy Series and I think it will be interesting to see what happens Yoshi92 8:47 12/3/12

Bouldergeist VS. Squizard

This would be a good fight considering they're both very similar and very cool. Bouldergeist has hands and throws objects at you and so does Squizard. I would suggest a ring where neither of them has a general advantage over the other. There is no telling what will happen, but in my oppinion, Bouldergeist would win. Jetgamer (9:45 AM 3/29/12)

Waluigi VS. Luigi

They are rivals and would fight to see who is the real rival! Dimentio8 (7:00 PM 4/17/12)

Snifit VS Anti Guy

These two are both elite types of shy guy, wonder who would win if we pit them together?

Alwayswyplash 20:05, June 5, 2012 (UTC) 6/5/12

Pirahna Plant VS Fire Snake

The two have pros, cons, and weaknesses (Pirhana Plant). If they would fight, what the Fire Snake burn out Pirhana Plant? Or will Mr. Pirahna soil Fire Snake for good? Biospark22 14:53, June 25, 2012 (UTC)Biospark22

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