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Mario Party 3 - North American boxart
Mario Party 3 is a video game released for the Nintendo 64 and is the third installment of the Mario Party series. Mario Party 3 stars the original characters from the previous two games and introduces two more characters, Waluigi and Daisy. Mario Party 3 features these characters being transported into an actual game board by the Millennium Star and is overall hosted by a living dice named Tumble.

Mario Party 3 is the game that introduced a true Story Mode where players must compete against others on the main boards in attempt to earn stamps to become the Superstar. Also unique to Mario Party 3 is Duel Mode where two players compete against each other using unique partners. Each partner has their own advantage and disadvantage and can be played anytime from the start. This game is most notable for featuring both Daisy and Waluigi's second time being playable in a Mario game. This game is also the first one in the series where players can hold up to three items and is the last Mario Party game for the Nintendo 64.

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Mario Party 9 review

By Derekblue1

Date:19/8/17 Rating:9.9/10

Mario Party 9 NAB

Hi MarioWiki users! I loved Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart Wii. Anyway, I had a chance to review my second favourite game, Mario Party 9. I am called Derekblue1, and this is my review! Let's get started!

I watched one of the videos in with the whole Mario Party 9 mini-games. I had some interest in this Wii game, so I bought it with excitement! The cover is really attractive, it has many appealing characters!

As the plot goes, Bowser and Bowser Jr. stealing the Mini Stars is much of the climax. I love the part when saving the Mini Stars, another climax again! Most mini-games were easy for me, I had so much fun. No matter if you don't win, we have fun! However, Board games were somehow hard. Thank you Nintendo! In my opinion, you should buy this instead of Mario Party 10!

Super Mario Galaxy review

By CoolKarim

Date:6/4/17 Rating:8.8/10

Super Mario Galaxy - North American Boxart

Super Mario Galaxy was a great game. It featured a lot of new objects and a different perspective of adventure. Hello, I am CoolKarim and this is my review of Super Mario Galaxy, so let's get started!

This review may contain spoilers if you have not played the game or beaten the game so reading this review may be risky.

So Mario goes to the Star Festival to receive a special gift from Peach and to join in the festivities, but suddenly Bowser attacks the festival and ruined it freezing toads and attacking them with his airships. Then, a UFO suddenly cuts the castle to carry it to the center of the universe. Mario tries to reach Peach, but Kamek casts a spell on Mario and sends him flying to space.

So time for my review. It's pretty creative for Mario to explore galaxies and planets to rescue Power Stars leading to Grand Stars to power up the Comet Observatory. It's kind of cool that Nintendo introduces a new princess to the Mario series, Rosalina, in this game, and did I mention the graphics in this game are so good? This game has really great graphics for 2007. I'm not going to even ask how did Nintendo make this game so good. The music and soundtrack is very catchy and really great in each galaxy as it matches.

This game is one of the most successful games on the Wii and overall, despite this being the 3rd Mario 3D platformer, making it earn a Nintendo Selects re-release. I like how in this game, the introduction of new power-ups. The Bee Mario power-up is a pretty nice power-up. The Ice Flower usage in this game? Amazing. The Rainbow Star, a remake of the Super Star, pretty cool. The Boo Mushroom is a fine power-up, but I don't know if it should be necessary. However, the Spring Mushroom, it's not really a great power-up, since it's hard to control with the Wii Remote and very easy to make a mistake with. Back then, the hazard, Black Hole, was a very scary hazard to die in, I use to have nightmares when I got caught in it. It's a very frightening experience when Mario would get spaghettified by a Black Hole. Those are some of the disadvantages why I rated this game 8.8/10 instead of a perfect 10.

It's awesome that this successful game got a sequel with new power-ups and new galaxies to explore. There's also some hard missions in galaxies if you are trying to get 120 stars to unlock Luigi and then playing those galaxies again as Luigi to unlock the final galaxy, the Grand Finale Galaxy, even though it's just the Star Festival again and not really a galaxy. I would say that this game is quite challenging, a 6/10 in difficulty for 100% completion. Anyways, I'm pretty sure a lot of people are waiting for the third version of Super Mario Galaxy, or if Super Mario Odyssey would be a third version. Anyways, I'm CoolKarim, and that was my Super Mario Galaxy review. This game is a great game, but it can be difficult at times.

Mario Kart Wii review

By FlippyCatFan

Date:9/19/16 Rating:9.5/10

Mario Kart Wii - North American Boxart

Now, since this is a review for a Mario Kart game, there isn't going to be a plot section. Anyways, my first review for a game will be Mario Kart Whee! No wait. Mario Kart Wii. So lets get started!

For the gameplay, I think that the only gameplay that matches this game for all Mario Kart games is Mario Kart 8, because it is the same gameplay, except a few additions, which are not the best. Mario Kart Wii is the most realistic of all of the Mario Kart games, with the most realistic driving, and pretty good graphics.

The soundtrack is pretty good, with pretty good sounds. The best soundtrack in my opinion is the Rainbow Road soundtrack. Another good one is the Koopa Cape soundtrack. And dont forget, theres also the good SNES Mario Circuit 3 song. The characters are pretty good, although Rosalina is the HARDEST character to get. You need to import a Super Mario Galaxy 2 save file. Very mean of Nintendo.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam review

By ZeoSpark

Date:3/8/16 Rating:6/10

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam Boxart

Note: If you haven't played or beaten this game yet and are planning on to, there will be some spoilers so read at your own risk! Anyways, time for my second review on a game and it's on the most recent Mario game: Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. I will be going over things mainly the plot, the gameplay, the soundtrack, and the overall characters. Let's get started.

For the plot, well, let's just say it's not the best in the series (I mean the Mario & Luigi series since this game counts more of a Mario & Luigi game than a Paper Mario one as well). It's really just two Bowsers trying to kidnap the two Peaches. The Marios (Mario and Paper Mario) and Luigi managed to rescue them midway through the game and the plot shifts over to the Bowsers bascially trying to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom. be honest, I'm not a fan of the main plot of an RPG game that revolves around Bowser kidnapping Peach. The two games that has done this right is the original Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. That's bascially it. Nothing too exciting. There is no "unique" antagonist to help make the story unique such as Cackletta, Fawful, or Antasma. Just Bowser and his paper self. Nothing special really.

Now for the gameplay which, fortunately, is one of the good things about this game. Mario and Luigi attack with their classic jump and hammer techniques and Paper Mario does the same but a little differently and with the Y Button. A unique item called the Dash Socks allow you to run fast with all three characters making adventuring around an area quicker which a lot like. Most of the Bros. Attacks return from Dream Team especially my two favorites: Bomb Derby and Dropchopper. This game introduces Trio Attacks which can help big in enemy hordes and boss fights. My biggest grip about this game gameplay wise is the dreadful Papercraft battles. I'd say they're a horrible replacement for the epic giant fights from Bowser's Inside Story and Dream Team. They're way too easy and the camera is awful during the battles and you're most likely able to get hit from behind due to the weird camera. I like there is different Papercrafts for different fights but that doesn't make up for how easy they are. Oh, and the horrible camera. This game doesn't have any save blocks anymore so you'll have to rely on instincs and heart blocks to notify when you need to save. The finding the Paper Toads missions can get annoying too especially those guys love to run away from you...

Soundtrack time. Nothing too rememberable. However, there are three I want to point out. One of them is called Come On! which is a remix of the epic enemy battle theme from Superstar Saga. I really love Superstar Saga as it's my favorite Mario & Luigi game in the series but that epic song was soon replaced by Mix-up Scramble after Paper Mario joins your team. I don't like that theme because it doesn't sound like an enemy battle theme. It sounds too...peaceful. Another epic theme comes in the form of the two final themes: Double Bowsers! and Final Battle. Double Bowsers! is a perfect penultimate theme that leads up to Final Battle which is so freaking good! I even enjoy it better than Adventure's End to an extend! However, that's pretty much it theme wise. The boss battle theme has nothing on the last games not even Partners in Time.

Finally, the characters. Mario and Luigi are good as themselves and Paper Mario retains his silent behavior with indications done by hand gestures just like in the Paper Mario games which is good. However, aside from the main characters, I really like how Toadette is given a major role in this game. Toadette hasn't been seen much outside the Mario Party games so it's good she is in another series game with a major role in it. I really like how the Koopalings are finally given extended dialogue in the game! We finally get a true indication of their personalities and I'm not counting the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon since it's non-canonical. The Kameks were pretty good in being the sneaky advisers of the Bowsers by getting in the heroes way but the Bowser Jrs. were plain annoying. The game didn't really need them but since Bowser. Jr. is the secondary antagonist of the entire series, it makes since to include him in there (and his Paper self since he had a semi-major role in Sticker Star).

Overall, Paper Jam seems like a hit and miss for me. Out of the five Mario & Luigi games, I rank it #4 since the gameplay is way better than Partners in Time's. However, it's pretty boring and reduantant plot and the easiness of this game makes it sorta lacking. It's not a bad game, it's just not good enough.

By ZeoSpark

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