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Super Paper Mario (North American box)
Super Paper Mario is a video game released for the Nintendo Wii and the third installment of the Paper Mario series. This game features Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser as the Heroes of Light trying to stop the holder of the Dark Prognosticus, Count Bleck, who aims to destroy all worlds. Tippi, one of the main characters, accomplices the heroes throughout their journey where they learn more of her backstory and how she is involved with Count Bleck himself.

Super Paper Mario is most notable for being the first Paper Mario game to break away from the series' traditional style. Instead of being mainly an RPG where Mario takes his turn first, then his partner, and finally the enemy/boss, now, this game is more of a platformer where Mario and others can defeat enemies without entering a form of a battle system. Another notable change is the complete removal of Star Points as now Mario and others can level up by scoring points. After earning a certain amount of points, they will gain either HP or attack power (the game automatically chooses which stat increases each time). Finally, another big change is the lack of true partners. Instead, the heroes have beings known as Pixls that mainly aid in solving puzzles and defeating certain enemies that cannot be defeated by normal means. This game is also most notable for being the first adventure game to feature the four main Mario characters (Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser) all playable in one game.

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Super Mario Run review

By Derekblue1

Date:30/12/18 Rating:9.5/10

Super Mario Run app

If you don't have a console, you may have a device that you bring anywhere. You should buy Super Mario Run! Spoiler alert!—you may want to complete the whole game before reading my review. For people who does not know me, I am Derekblue1. We shall get started!

Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling platform game created by Nintendo. It features a recurring plot, everyone knows that Princess Peach was kidnapped by Bowser. Super Mario Run updates with special events for rewards. They have 33 courses that never fail to please players. We start with Mario who is automatically running while we tap the touchscreen for Mario to jump. He can do many tricks when tapping the touchscreen, there are eleven playable characters that can be unlocked. I like the fact that you can play music by tapping that Music Toad, watch your character listen with their headphones while playing the game.

Mario and Luigi are the only characters that start small while other characters start by their normal size. After Nintendo updated some characters, Yoshis, Princess Peach, Toadette and Daisy are the most useful characters. Every character has fair disadvantages in the game. Characters apart from Peach and Daisy can be unlocked by competing Toad Rallies and include their houses to their kingdom. Princess Peach must be rescued, which is not that hard. Daisy is in Area 30 and that is far away.


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...Rosalina was meant to be a guitarist in Super Mario Odyssey? Mario could have also wore the Luma costume as a choice.


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