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Mario Party - Island Tour Waluigi Artwork
Waluigi is a character that debuted in Mario Tennis as Wario's partner. He serves as the primary rival to Luigi and only appears in the spin-off games. Waluigi is often protrayed as a comical villain alongside Wario where the two of them are often up to no good (as seen in Mario Power Tennis and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. However, only in two games where Waluigi was the main antagonist in and those are Mario Party 3 and Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.

In the sports games, Waluigi is often in the "average group" along with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and a few others. Waluigi main color in the Mario Party series is black and Waluigi's symbol is an upside down, backwards "L". Waluigi is in the medium-class in the Mario Kart games but has been added to the heavy-class in a few others. Waluigi is the only one of the major Mario cast who has yet to appear in a main-series game.

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Super Smash Bros. for Wii U review

By Clawdeen Ghoul

Date:27/12/14 Rating:9/10


I am going to be reviewing the highly anticipated game, Super Smash Bros. 4, however I will only be reviewing the Wii U version of the game.

Let's crack on!

So the game graphics are excellant and much better. The opening sequence is better and amazing! The whole main page actually intriques me as well, all the character silhouettes in the background are a great touch to the game. The 8-player-smash is very.... interesting. The 8-player-smash means 8 players can play, however the camera is zoomed out that you don't even know where your character is or what they are doing, however I do find it to be fun but just hard, I also don't like how some levels aren't playable, like for instance Kirby's Fun Park levels or StarFox levels aren't playable, I understand that they are small, but they could make them bigger like the other levels they did.

The characters chosen for this game are frustrating me. I love Rosalina but Daisy has been in the Nintendo universe for longer, and as she is my favourite character, I can tel you that she needs the spotlight, not just a skin for Peach, not just a trophy. Same for Waluigi even if he is one of the items, he needs his time to shine, not just a Luigi skin. However, aside from that I love the other characters, all except Wii Fit Trainor, unfortunately Dr. Mario, Wario and Pac-Man, they are all just boring, nothing new. Peach is the same as last time which is annoying.

The controls are hard, as I normally use the arrow on the Wii U game pad, instead of the knob. But I am getting used to them.

Now, about computers. The computers are excellant and are very smart. However when only CPU's are battling, as you have lost, they take forever to win! I normally have to quit because they are taking so long!

Beside all the disadvantages this game is a great game, with some improvements like CPU's fight faster, and the including of more classic characters, this game is a great game! I would love to fight with the Gamecube controller! This is one of the best and my personal favourite Wii U games out there!

By Clawdeen Ghoul

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...In Super Mario 64, there are files of a animated Yoshi egg. What these eggs were for is unkown, but maybe Yoshi was meant to have a role like he did back in Super Mario World.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

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